My name is Peter; my personal training business is called Active Anywhere. I am a professional personal trainer based at a gym in Danbury although I regularly travel to surrounding areas and so in this respect I am mobile and willing to train anywhere – I am prepared with all the fitness equipment we need and so I can bring the gym to you!

I believe flexibility is key when it comes to satisfying client’s needs. I will train outdoors, at your home or in the gym.

I am also able to be flexible in the type of training I can provide. All clients will have different needs and preferences and I consider it my responsibility to deliver to each individual a programme that they find engaging and stimulating. Some options can include circuit style sessions, kettlebell exercises, weight training, body weight exercises, vipr bar and medicine ball sessions….

Clients will have in mind different fitness targets and goals. Some people wish to tone, others want to build muscle whilst some want to make every day movements effortless and more efficient (core function), and this may also include correcting postural deviations. The ultimate aims of clients will differ enormously and so it is important for me to establish clear short, medium and long term targets. These targets act as markers on our fitness journey and help us to highlight our progress.

It’s fair to say that with any gain (fitness or other wise) there can be a plateau in progress at some point. I consider it my role to support, encourage and assist clients through these spells and battle through to our next peak. I am a positive and enthusiastic person that believes in providing innovative and dynamic sessions. This enthusiasm coupled with a diligent and considered approach helps drive my clients to meet our fitness goals.

If you would like to meet for a complimentary consultation you can contact me via phone or email. I have a direct link established on the home page.